About Us

Our Mission
LETELAC optimizes and monitors the quality of electricity. Through knowledge, innovation and high-quality solutions, LETELAC is making a significant contribution to the energy transition.
 LETELAC has pioneered improvements in power solutions sectors for Industrial, Commercial, Medical, Broadcast and Telecom applications. Our products range various from Voltage Stabilizers, Voltage Optimizers, Voltage Regulator, Transformers and Reactors to Frequency Converters, UPS, Harmonic Filters, Power Factor Correction and Surge Protectors.
Our Vision
No one should need to worry about the availability and safety of electricity. HyTEPS increases the quality and reliability of electrical installations by supporting and optimizing the entire process, from design to operation.
Knowledge is our strength
Our knowledge is founded on our employees’ education and training. Years of experience with electrical installations across a wide range of sectors has deepened our understanding and know-how. Every customer, situation and challenge provides us with new insights. We rely on our knowledge and expertise to deliver the best possible solutions to every customer.
Experienced and Fully Customizable Soiutions
All LETELAC products are designed and manufactured with the worldwide ISO quality standards. Besides standard production, LETELAC can be extremely flexible in developing and manufacturing special tailored specifications thanks to a proficient technology development.
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